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Replacement Lateral Sets are supplied and installed by accredited Service Providers using appropriate Safe Work Methods. The Part Number for a required Lateral Set is identified by the Model Number displayed on the filter’s label. Lateral Replacements are required when changing the filtering media. This frequency can vary from 8 to 10-yrs, depending upon the application and its loading.

Any major service (like a Lateral replacements) is an opportunity review the condition and the need to upgrade your filter with new fitments. This might be as simple as a new Hatch O Ring, or a new Drain Valve.


This section also includes common spare parts required for Chadson Prepump Strainers and Footvalves.

Chadson Single Lever Backwash Valves are available for filters with flanged connection of 100-mm & 150-mm diameter. It is a simple & reliable mechanism with a remarkably low pressure drop. Kinetic Valves (CKV) are used on all Chadson filters to provide bulk air release, removal of residual air, and vacuum relief.

Service Kits for Chadson Single Lever Backwash Valves and Chadson Kinetic Vents are included within this section.


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