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Fulfab Footvalves & Strainers are manufactured from Stainless Steel. Many commercial pool constructed over the last 30 years have used Fulfab Footvalves & prepump Strainers.

To capitalize on the long service life of Fulfab Footvalves and Strainers numerous spare parts are available. This includes various gaskets, O-rings, fasteners & acrylic lids.


The White Goods in this section includes various wall returns, floor returns & floor grates. Spare part requirements include replacement covers & fittings.

This section also includes various Stainless-Steel fittings & replacement strainer baskets as well as Bag filters and filter Bags.

Many other similar parts are also available as standard & custom made parts.

Pressure Gauges are a vital diagnostic tool.

This section provides information on one of the many gauges available as a standard spare part.

This section also includes various fittings, tubing & gauge holders/panels.

Many other gauges & fittings are available upon request.


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