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Atlas® Regenerative Precoat Filters exist as in the PCT, NPC, and or CPC Series.  Atlas® filters offer many unique benefits, not limited to the operational simplicity of “single pass precoating” and “reverse flow” pressure backwashing.

To maintain your Atlas® filter in peak operating condition, periodic replacement of parts will be required. The frequency of this service will vary according to the application, water temperature and pool loading.   


Atlas® filters are supplied with various fitments and fittings, which could require periodic service.  

With its unique “double seal” design, the new Combination Air Vent also provides an opportunity to enhance filter operation with better venting and vacuum relief.

This section also contains common spare parts required for Manual Precoating and Vacuum Transfer Systems (VTS)

wet vac etc.jpg

This Section provides various upgrade options not limited to the G2 (dustless) precoating system, replacement Plate Sets, and Media Release Accelerators (MRA). Replacement Plate Sets are made from Gr 316L Stainless Steel and are available to upgrade earlier PCT filters supplied with Plate Sets manufactured from protected Carbon Steel. MRA’s were first used in NPC series and have become a proven means to upgrade the backwash cleaning process in other filters.  


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