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Commercial Pool Filter Installation

The Source for Parts for Commercial Pool Filters in Australia

Save time and money by working with Chadson Spare Parts, supplying commercial pool filters in Australia. Our inventory includes parts for the most popular brands found on filters that you service including Chadson, Atlas, and Fulfab. We do not offer generic parts, but only genuine parts designed to perform in a commercial pool filter setting.

Complete Inventory for a Commercial Pool Filter Installation


Our spare parts department can deliver the exact replacement for the gasket, filter sock, or gauge that was not working up to spec. Keep your project on schedule while keeping the budget on track with our wholesale pricing available to qualified contractors and service providers. Find the lateral sets, vents, and  other replacement parts needed to complete the job on time.

Spare Parts able to Keep Pools Operating for Years

Once the pool filter is up and running, it is equally important that the maintenance department has access to the parts needed for annual preventative work. Chadson Spare Parts works with contractors and major owners/operators across the continent. Give us a ring to inquire regarding current inventory. We only require the model and serial number of your filter to provide accurate quotes for replacement parts.

Use our email to send us the specs or photos of your system. We will respond as soon as possible with pricing and availability.

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